Feudz Loot (iPhone)

Feudz Loot is designed to greatly simplify the process of creating and maintaining loot tables. The app neatly handles tables with any number of items (467 for instance) without all the tedious math.

  • Makes it Fun! With Feudz Loot, rolling up treasure becomes fun again! Instead of flipping through guide books and referencing any number of sub tables you can roll treasure right from your phone.
  • Pre-loaded Loot Tables Our app comes pre-loaded with loot tables so you can get started right away, and you can download additional treasure tables from our website.
  • Includes Item Descriptions For added realism the app includes item descriptions when rolling up treasure. "A polished alexandrite gemstone with facets of both blue and red. Easily worth 500 gold pieces."
  • Gaming Tools Built in percentile roll for determining extra qualities and features.